COLLABORATE UE/CV is a virtual classroom tool available on OWL as a plugin tool. The tool is provided by Blackboard. Some main features of this plugin tool include:

  • Ability to host an online class room where participants can listen and interact with their peers and instructors.
  • Options for the instructor to have audio and video sessions.
  • Ability to screenshare to participants. Files/attachments can also be shared.
  • Participants can access sessions through their phones and through their computers.

Note: There are two versions of Collaborate. The first version is called "Collaborate: Original Version". This version of Collaborate is not web-based and requires you to install Java. The second version is called "Collaborate: Ultra Experience". This version is completely web-based, it is streamlined and more up to date than the "Original Version".

For more information about Collaborate, please visit Collaborate.