OWL Help is now live!

Update Highlights

  • NEW online support site (OWL Help)
  • Direct access from OWL
  • Contextual help based on tool & site role

With a significant upgrade to OWL comes a new streamlined support site. With OWL Help, users can find support pages for specific tools, content, and tasks within OWL.

OWL Help can be directly accessed through OWL by clicking on any help icon. When users click a help icon within an OWL site, they will be redirected to the specific support page for the tool they currently are using. In addition, users will be brought to either a student/access or instructor/maintainer version of the support page based on their role permissions within the OWL site. 

Most of the support pages and images based on the standard Sakai user guide, but will be updated overtime to better match the Western customizations found in OWL.

OWL Help will be consistently updated and improved upon as new features are introduced to OWL. Please contact us if you find any errors or missing information within the site. 

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