Gradebook Setup

Add Gradebook Item

  1. Click the Add Gradebook Item button.

    Instructors typically add items to the gradebook manually for things such as:

    • Posting grades for items completed outside of OWL
    • Discussion Forum grades
    • Participation and Attendance

    Note: Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Student Content in Lessons can be graded within their respective tools and automatically sent to the Gradebook when the item is posted or published.

    Click the Add Gradebook Item button.
  2. Configure the item settings:

    1. Enter a Title in the text field provided (required). Each title must be unique, meaning all items must have different titles.
    2. Enter the Point Value (required). This determines the total possible marks for the item.
    3. Enable or disable Extra Credit (optional). Extra credit should be used if the item is not a part of the 100 points possible in the course.
    4. Enter a Due Date or select the date from the calendar icon (optional).
    5. If you use categories in your Gradebook, select the appropriate category for this item from the Category drop-down menu (optional).
    6. Enable Release this item to Students if you would like students to be able to view their grades for this item (optional). Leaving the box unchecked hides the item from students.
    7. Enable Include this item in course grade calculations if you would like the item to be included into the students' course grades (optional). The item has to be released to students in order to be included in the course grade. Leaving the box unchecked omits the item from the course grade.
    8. Enable Anonymous Grading to hide the identity of students from Graders.
    Item settings.
  3. Click the Create button.

    Note: To create multiple Gradebook items at once, use the Import Grades option.

    You will be receive a message at the top of the page confirming your new item was created. Your new item will display on the right side of the Grades page.

    Note: By default, gradebook items are sorted by their creation date where new items will appear at the end of the gradebook. If you are using categories, new gradebook items will be added to the right of the other items within the same category.

    Create new Gradebook item.
    Grades in Gradebook.
    Grades in Gradebook.

Linking Other Tools

Categories & Weighting

By default, every item in the Gradebook is weighted equally towards a student's course grade. To assign specific weighting to items in the Gradebook you must setup Categories & Weighting.

  1. In Gradebook, click the Settings tab.

    Click the settings tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Categories & Weighting to expand the section.

    Click the categories tab to open the drop down menu.
  3. Enable Categories & Weighting.

    Enable categories and weighting.
  4. Click the Add a Category button.

    Repeat this multiple times to create as many categories as you need.

    You can remove categories by clicking the Remove button beside the category. You can also reorder categories by clicking and dragging from the tab on the right side of each category.

    Click the Add a category button or click the remove button.
  5. Enter a category name & weighting value.

    The weighting for all of your categories must add up to 100%.

    Enter a category name and weight so that the total is 100%
  6. Enable Extra Credit if you intend to create a category worth additional points outside of the 100% total. This means that a student could potentially receive a course grade of over 100%.

    Click Save Changes.
  7. Click the Save Changes button.

    Click Save Changes.
  8. Assign Gradebook items to a category.

    Click Edit Item Details from the dropdown menu on the Gradebook Item and select the corresponding category in the Gradebook Item settings window.

    With categories and weighting enabled, each gradebook item must be associated with a specific category in order for it to be included in the course grade calculation. Gradebook items that are unassigned to a category will not be included in the course grade calculation.

    Note: If a category is associated with multiple Gradebook items, the score is determined by adding the scores of each item and dividing by the total possible score. Weighting is applied to the category score in the Final Grade calculation. In order to have each item be weighted equally in a category, each item must have the same point value.

    Click Edit Item Details.Click an option in the drop down menu to assign the gradebook item to a category.

Re-weighting After Removing an Item

Enabling Drop Lowest and/or Keep Highest

If you selected either Categories only or Categories & Weighting, the enable drop/keep options will appear. All items within a category must have the same point value in order to use the drop/keep options for that category.

  1. Select any of the desired drop/keep options.

    • Enable Drop Highest: Automatically drops the highest score/s among items in a category.
    • Enable Drop Lowest:  Automatically drops the lowest score/s among items in a category.
    • Enable Keep Highest:  Automatically keeps the highest score/s among items in a category.

    Drop Highest and Drop Lowest are the only options that can be used in combination for the same category.

    Enabling drop lowest and/or keep highest.
  2. In the appropriate column, enter the number of items in each category that you wish to drop or keep.

    Note: It is recommended to use Keep Highest as opposed to Drop Lowest, since it reflects a more accurate running total of student grades during the course of the term. Items that students have not yet completed are not dropped automatically, so one or more higher scores may be dropped until all items have been completed.

    On the Grades page, dropped scores are indicated with a strikethough and background change.

    Enabling drop lowest and/or keep highest.Enabling drop lowest and/or keep highest.

Enabling TA Permissions

In order for TAs to access Gradebook, rules have to be created for specific users in the Permissions section of Gradebook.

  1. In Gradebook, click the Permissions tab.

    Click permissions.
  2. Select a user from the dropdown.

    If the page displays the message that "There are currently no teaching assistants defined in your site. Teaching assistants must be defined to set special grader permissions", then you must first add the TAs to the course site through Site Info.

    Select the grader.
  3. Click the Add Rule button.

  4. From the first drop-down, select either view or grade.

    From the second drop-down, select the section the TA will have access to. If you do not see the section or group listed there, add one through Edit Class Rosters or Create Groups

    Note: Multiple rules can be added for each TA.

    Select view or grade.Select the section.Each grader can have multiple rules assigned to them.
  5. Once you have created a rule, click the Save Changes button.

    Save changes.