Known Issues

Current Known Issues

Tool Issue Workarounds
Forums Forum discussions do not wrap on mobile devices
  • Scroll horizontally
  • or use your device in landscape orientation
  • or read forums on a desktop computer
Lessons Page icons appear as boxes

This is a browser caching issue.

Clear your cache or hard-refresh your browser.

Lessons Embedded HTML modules and pages do not load content in Lessons
  1. Copy the link to the page in Resources that you are trying to embed
    1. in Resources, click "Actions", then "Edit Details"
    2. expand the "Folder Details" section
    3. copy the contents of the "Web address (URL)" text box
  2. In Lessons, click "Add Content" then "Embed content on page"
  3. Paste the link URL from step 1 into the "Or add a URL or "embed code"" field
  4. Click the "Save" button
  5. Then click "Try other alternative"


Note: this is just a temporary fix to get module working now. Importing content from a site using this fix will have to manually relink the module as the link will not update for the new site.