Known Issues

Current Known Issues

Tool Issue Workarounds
Lessons The "Add Question" option does not always record student answers.

Please use another tool, such as Polls or Tests & Quizzes, to ask questions.

Gradebook Instructions and Grade Admins do not see the "Submit" and "Approve" buttons for their sections when they are not enrolled in the first section listed on the Final Grades page of a cross-listed course site

On the Final Grades page, select the course section that you want to submit or approve grades from the dropdown. Next, go to the Grades page and then go back to the Final Grades page.

The Final Grades page should remember the course section that you previously selected and the Submit and Approve buttons should appear, as appropriate.

Gradebook The grade submission revision PDF file (linked from the Final Grades page) does not bold changes anymore

The changes are bolded when the submission has been "Submitted" - before it has been "Approved". Download and save the PDF file before approving the grade submission.

Lessons Page icons appear as boxes

This is a browser caching issue. Clear your cache or hard-refresh your browser.


Resolved Issues

Tool Issue Status
Forums Forum discussions do not wrap on mobile devices Resolved - December 2017
Lessons Embedded HTML modules and pages do not load content in Lessons Resolved - October 2017

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