Worksite Setup

WORKSITE SETUP provides information about the sites to which you currently belong or may join. If you have a role that allows it, you can use this tool to make changes to information about the site, tools available in the site, and access to the site. You can also create and publish the site using the Worksite Setup tool.

Many of the functions of the Worksite Setup tool mirror those of the Site Info tool; Worksite Setup is available through Home, whereas Site Info is available in each site.

If you don't have the appropriate permissions, you will only see the information about the site published by the site owner in Worksite Setup.

Create a Site

  1. Go to WORKSITE SETUP in your Home site

    Screenshot of the Tools List in OWL with Worksite Setup highlighted on the left hand side of the page.
  2. Click New on the top-left side of the page.

    Screenshot of the Worksite Setup page in OWL with the New link highlighted at the top of the page.
  3. Choose to either create a course or project site.

    • Course Site: used for official Western courses. Only official instructors and site maintainers can create course sites.
    • Project Site: used for online collaborative workspaces. All Western students, staff, and faculty can create project sites.
    Screenshot of the Create Site page on OWL with the types of site options highlighted.
  4. Select an Academic Term (Course Site only).

    Creating a course site for an official Western course, you must select the appropriate Academic Term associated for the course.

    Instructors must be officially enrolled in a course roster in the Office of the Registrar in order to select an academic term and create the course in OWL.

    Screenshot of the Create Site page in OWL where Course Site is selected and the Academic Term dropdown menu is highlighted.
  5. Click the Continue button.

    Screenshot of the Create Site page in OWL with the continue button highlighted at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select the course section (Course Site only).

    Select the checkbox beside the course section you want to create.

    Note: OWL will automatically detect if a site already exists; if this is the case, it will alert you with a message. If you would still like to proceed with a new site, click the 'Select Anyway' link.

    Multiple Sections & Cross-listed Sites

    Selecting multiple course sections will combine multiple rosters into one site. Combining multiple sections or course rosters can be helpful if you are teaching a course with multiple labs, tutorials, or a cross-listed course.

    Screenshot of the Course/Section Information page in OWL where a list of possible sites to be created are displayed. A check box beside one of the listed course/section is highlighted.
  7. Click the Continue.

    Screenshot of Course/Section Information in OWL where the continue button is highlighted at the bottom of the page.
  8. Enter site information and click Continue.

    1. Site Language: set the language for your site. By default this is set to the user's language preferences.
    2. Description: provide a course description for your site. This will be displayed in the site Overview.
    3. Site Contact Name: by default your name will appear here. This is a required field.
    4. Site Contact Email: by default your email will appear here.
    Screenshot of the Site Information page in OWL where each section is labeled; Site Language marked with a letter 'A'. Description is marked with a letter 'B'. Site Contact Name is marked with a letter 'C'. Site Contact Email is marked with a letter 'D'.  The continue button at the bottom of the page is highlighted.
  9. Select tools to include in your site and click Continue.

    Some tools will prompt you for additional information or customization on the next screen.

    Note: You can adjust the Tools Lists for your site later in Site Info.

    To see a list of all tools please see Instructor > Tools.

    Screenshot of the Site Tools in OWL where the general tool list is highlighted.
  10. Set site access and click Continue.

    1. Published Status: controls access to the site to all site participants.
    2. Public Listing: determines if the site can be searched for in Site Browser.
    3. Membership Control: determines if the site is joinable and other OWL users can join the site who aren't in the official course roster.
    Screenshot of Site Access page on OWL.
  11. Review and confirm site setup.

    If you need to make revisions to your site setup, click the Back button to visit previous pages.

  12. Click the Create Site button.

    Screenshot of Site Setup page on OWL, with the create site button highlighted at the bottom of the page