Winter 2017 Update

Update Highlights

  • Gradebook: Export Sections/Groups

For more information about this update please see the OWL Release Notes.

Release Information

Build: 11.3-owl2

This update is scheduled for December 22 2017. OWL may not be available during the update maintenance.

For more information about downtime, please visit WTS System Maintenance.

Update Details

Gradebook: Export Sections/Groups

You are now able to export an individual section and/or group from the gradebook. This feature is useful for course sites with multiple sections with different teaching assistants, section leaders, or graders.

To export a section/group's gradebook:

  1. Go to GRADEBOOK
  2. Click Import/Export
  3. Click Custom Export
  4. Select the group/section from the 'Include' dropdown menu
  5. Click Download Custom Export
Screenshot of the gradebook export modal with the section/group dropdown menu highlighted.


Other improvements include:

  • Removed character limit for comments in Gradebook
  • Improved print version of class list from Manage Participants in Site Info
  • Meeting attendees can now get email reminders from Sign-up
  • Meetings can now be released to specific groups/sections in Sign-up
  • Improved mobile interface in Forums
  • Updated icons for Collaborate, iClicker, and VoiceThread 

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

  • A display issue with embedded modules in Lessons
  • A display issue with model answers in Assignments
  • An error when creating a Calculated question in Test & Quizzes 

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