View/Edit Account Details

Your account details include your User Id, Name, Email, and Password for the system. If you are using your Western ID, this information is automatically populated by Western and cannot be modified in OWL. However, if you are using a non-Western account you can change your account details and password.

  1. Go to ACCOUNT in your Home site.

    Click the Account tool in the tool menu.
  2. Click on the Modify Details button.

    You may change any of the editable fields on this page, including name, email, and password. The password fields always appear blank upon accessing this screen. You may change your OWL password by entering your current and new passwords in the fields provided.

    Screenshot of the Account page on OWL where the Modify Details button is highlighted.Screenshot of the Modify Account page on OWL where name, email, and password fields are highlighted.
  3. Enter your current password then click the Update Details button to save the change and return to Home.

    Screenshot of the Account page in OWL where the current password field and update details button is highlighted.You must enter your current password to update your account details.