Spring 2018 Update

Update Highlights

  • Gradebook: Drop highest/lowest grades
  • Announcements: Improved email notifications
  • Bug fixes and improvements

For more information about this update, please see the OWL Release Notes.

Release Information

Build: 11.3-owl3

This update is scheduled for May 3 2018. OWL may not be available during the update maintenance.

For more information about downtime, please visit WTS System Maintenance.

Update Details


Users using the drop highest or lowest feature in Gradebook will now notice the dropped score will have a strikethrough. The visual indicator will provide users an easy way to determine which score has been dropped. To learn more about the drop highest/lowest grade feature, please visit Gradebook Setup.

Screenshot of OWL Gradebook with some cells shaded out.

An example of a Gradebook with lowest grades being dropped, indicated by the strikes.

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