Subscribe to a podcast

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

Instructors and students can subscribe to a site Podcast and have the Podcast files automatically downloaded to a "podcatcher" application of their choice (e.g. iTunes).

  1. Select Podcasts from the Tool Menu in the site.

    Go to Podcasts.
  2. Copy the site's Podcast RSS feed URL.

    Copy the site's Podcast RSS feed URL.
  3. Open your preferred podcatcher application (e.g. iTunes).

    From the "File" menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.

     Click File / Subscribe to Podcast.
  4. Paste the URL.

    Paste the site's Podcast RSS feed URL into the URL box, then click OK.

    Paste the URL.
  5. View subscribed podcast.

    You are now subscribed. The image above displays the example Podcatcher application (iTunes) with a subscription to the site's Podcasts.

    View subscribed podcast.