View assignment feedback

How do students view their assignment feedback?

Once your instructor has graded your assignment, you can view the feedback on your work in the Assignments tool.

  1. In the Assignments tool, click on an assignment to view the feedback for that item.

    Note: Assignments which display Returned in the Status column have been graded and the feedback released for student viewing.

    Click on an assignment.
  2. View assignment feedback.

    Clicking on a returned assignment allows you to view:

    1. Your assigned grade for the assignment.
    2. Instructor comments and/or attached files.
    3. Optionally, the graded rubric for your assignment. The graded assignment rubric appears at the bottom of the screen if an instructor has applied one to the assignment.

    Note: If the assignment is linked to the Gradebook tool, your grade will also be visible within the gradebook.

    View assignment feedback.
  3. View rubric feedback.

    Rubric feedback, if applicable, will be visible under the assignment feedback. Click the comments icon to view comments. A rubric comment is indicated by the yellow comment icon.

    Note: The rubric icon will only appear if a rubric was applied to the Assignments item.

    Screenshot of OWL Assignments tool. Displays rubric feedback.
  4. View peer review feedback.

    If your assignment had a peer assessment component, and your instructor has allowed students to see peer reviews of their own work, you will also see peer reviewer comments and/or attachments on the feedback screen.

    Peer review feedback.