View messages

How do I view my messages?

  1. Go to MESSAGES tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

    Go to Messages.
  2. Go to Received folder.

    Select the Received folder to view a list of your received messages.

    Go to Received folder.
  3. Open the message.

    New messages will appear in bold text. Select the subject of the message you would like to view.

    Note: The paperclip icon next to the message indicates that there is a file attached.

    Open the message.
  4. View the message.

    The contents of the message will appear. The following options will also be available to you:

    1. Reply: reply to the original sender with a message of your own.
    2. Reply to all: reply to the original sender and any other course members included on the message.
    3. Forward: forward the message to another member of the course.
    4. Move to folder: move the message from one folder to another.
    5. Delete: delete the message.
    6. Open/Download File: select the file name to open/download an attachment.
    View the message.