Instructors can use the PostEm tool to upload and distribute a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present individual feedback and/or grades to students.

Instructors can upload as many feedback files as they want. Students only see their own individual feedback and/or grades.

The PostEm tool provides a convenient mechanism to post comments and grades for those instructors that regularly use Excel spreadsheet files to calculate grades. You might also use it to post class attendance records from a spreadsheet file.

PostEm CSV files must follow a particular format:

      • The first column of the spreadsheet must contain the student usernames.
      • The first row must contain headings.

  1. To access this tool, select PostEm from the Tool Menu in the site.

    Screenshot of the OWL toolbar with the PostEm tool highlighted.
  2. As the instructor you can see when a student has last checked their feedback. Any students who have never checked will appear in red.

    Screenshot of the instructor view showing the student list of who has viewed their feedback. Students who have not viewed feedback have their names in red.