What is the VoiceThread Tool?

VOICETHREAD is a tool for asynchronous audio and video communication. Instructors are able to create VOICETHREADS by uploading content such as word documents, videos, images or presentations. They can then comment and annotate the content for the students to see. Students are then able to add video, audio or text comments on the content. The replies can be threaded like a forum and can be moderated by the instructor.

  1. Add VoiceThread Tool to Course
  2. Add Multiple VoiceThread Tools

For more information on the functionality of VOICETHREAD, please visit the VoiceThread Help Page.

Add VoiceThread to a Site

  1. Go to SITE INFO within your site.

    Go to Site Info
  2. Click Manage Tools in the tool menu at the top of the page.

    Click Manage Tools
  3. Select VOICETHREAD in the Plugin Section and press the Continue button.

    Enable Plugins
  4. Enter a name for the Tool and Button then press the Continue button

    Enter Names for Tools
  5. Click the Finish button.

    Click Finish

Creating Multiple Instances of VoiceThread

Only once instance of the VoiceThread tool can exist in an OWL course site if added through ‘Manage Tools’. To work around this, multiple instances of VoiceThread can exist when added to a Lesson page.

  1. Navigate to the desired Lesson page and click 'Add Content.

    Click 'Add Content'
  2. Click 'Add External Tool' at the bottom of the pop-up window.

    Click 'Add External Tool'
  3. Out of the list of tools that appear, pick VoiceThread.

    Click 'VoiceThread'
  4. Give your VoiceThread tool a name. This will appear as a text link on your Lesson page.

    Name the tool.
  5. The instance of VoiceThread should now appear on your Lesson page. This link acts in the same way as the Voice Thread tool in the side toolbar.

    VoiceThread now appears.
  6. Repeat for as many instances of VoiceThread as you'd like.

    Repeat this process.