The Rubrics tool allows instructors to create and share grading rubrics for use in tools such as Assignments, Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and Gradebook.

Note: By default, the Rubrics tool is hidden from students. Students will still see their rubric feedback in the tools where the rubric is used, such as Assignments, Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and Gradebook. You do not need to unlock the Rubrics tool for students to see their feedback in these other tools.

A rubric is made of Criteria and Ratings:

  • Criteria are listed vertically on the left. A criterion consists of a title and a description of what is being rated.
  • Ratings are listed horizontally for each criterion. A rating consists of a title, a description, and a point value.

A rubric can consist of many criteria and ratings.

A rubrics can be shared with other instructors and site maintainers using the Share Rubric action. A shared rubric is available to all sites in OWL for any site maintainer to use.

  • To access this tool, select Rubrics from the Tool Menu in the site.

    Screenshot of OWL Rubric Tool