Create groups

Manually create and assign users to a group

  1. Select Site Info in the Tool Menu in the site.

    Screenshot of Site Info OWL tool. Displays Site Info link in the side navigation.
  2. Click on the Manage Groups tab.

    Click on Manage Groups.
  3. Click the Create New Group tab.

    Manually create a group. 
  4. Enter a Group title and Group description.

    Enter group information.
  5. Assign users to the group.

    1. In the Site Member List, click on a site participant/s in the membership list to select the user/s.
    2. Click on the right arrow button > to move the selected participant/s over to the Group Member List area.
    3. Once you have indicated all of the desired group members, click on the Add button to create the group.

    Note: You may select more than one name at a time in the participant list by using SHIFT+Click to select a range of consecutive names, or CTRL+Click to select more than one non-consecutive name.

    Enter group information.
  6. Click the Add new group button to generate your group.

    Enter group information.